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QSC KW152 15 inch 1000W Active Speaker

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Inputs, Outputs and Mixing
Combo XLR and 1/4′ TRS inputs accept both mic- and line-level input while a set of RCA phono inputs (except KSub) allow additional connectivity to portable MP3 players, CD players and line-level mixers.

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Inputs, Outputs and Mixing
Combo XLR and 1/4′ TRS inputs accept both mic- and line-level input while a set of RCA phono inputs (except KSub) allow additional connectivity to portable MP3 players, CD players and line-level mixers. As many as three audio sources can be mixed internally and summed to a balanced output for ‘daisy-chaining’ of multiple units. Separate direct outputs are also provided on each channel for additional output flexibility.
Sophisticated digital signal processing provides greater low-frequency extension while precisely protecting the woofer from over-excursion.
Directivity Matched Transition matches the HF coverage angle to the natural coverage angle of the woofer for uniform frequency response over the entire coverage area.
Axisymmetric Wave Guide
The axisymmetric wave guide eliminates the phase distortions of typical asymmetric horns for more natural reproduction.
1000 Watts
The same state-of-the-art, light-weight Class D amplifier module powers all the K and KW Series models.
EQ Modes
Optimize for a specific application with the simple flip of a switch.
Energy Management
Automatic standby mode conserves energy and extends the life of the loudspeaker.
LED Operation
Switch selectable: On (power indicator) / off (dark) / limit (limiter indication)
Remote Control
Easy-to-use remote gain control is ideal for installed applications.
Pro Appearance
Sleek lines and a full grille for a more professional look than other molded loudspeakers.
Locking IEC Power Cable
Help prevent unexpected interruptions.
Mic/line and RCA inputs along with onboard mixing controls allow greater flexibility.
Tilt-Direct Pole Mount
A simple turn of the dial is all it takes to alter the vertical directivity by 7.5 degrees.
Suspension and Mounting
With integrated threaded inserts, KW Series is equally at home in mounted or flown applications.
Threaded Pole
The KW181 subwoofer comes with a threaded pole for a snug, safe fit.
Intrinsic Correction
An exclusive QSC process that applies extensive acoustic measurements to noticeably improve audio quality.
Class D
Higher efficiency produces less heat and more sonic performance with lower overall current draw.
QSC’s Guardrail technology protect your loudspeakers from overexcursion. On-demand cooling fan and thermal limiting prevent overheated electronics.
15 Woofer; 1.75 diaphragm compression driver
60 conical DMT coverage
Maximum SPL 133 dB peak
1000 watt Class D power modules in all models (2 x 500 W continuous)
Onboard mixer with two combo XLR and inputs, and stereo RCA inputs, (three audio input sources); two direct channel outputs and single summed balanced output
Extensive DSP featuring DEEP and Intrinsic Correction enhances system performance
DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) ensures uniform coverage across the entire sound field
Rugged, texture-painted birch enclosures
Four-position Mic/Line gain (full-range models)
Tour-grade 16 gauge steel grilles
Comfortable ergonomic handles
35 mm pole sockets with Tilt-Direct
M10 rigging points for suspended installation

Configuration 15′ 2-way trapezoidal
15′ cone transducer

1.75′ diaphragm compression driver
Frequency Response (-6 dB) 47 Hz to 18 kHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 44 Hz to 20 kHz
Nominal Coverage (-6 dB) 60 axisymmetric
Maximum SPL1 133 dB peak
Power Output2 1000 W Class D (500 W LF + 500 W HF) continuous
2000 W peak
Input Impedance Channel A XLR / ‘:
Mic gain setting Balanced Unbalanced
0 dB 38 kOhm 19 kOhm
+12 dB 10 kOhm 5 kOhm
+24 dB 2.66 kOhm 1.33 kOhm
+36 dB 660Ohm 330Ohm
Channel B XLR / ‘: 38 kOhm balanced / 19 kOhm unbalanced
Channel B RCA: 10 kOhm
Controls Power, Gain A, Gain B, Channel A Input Gain (0 dB / 12 dB / 24 dB / 36 dB), LF Mode (Ext Sub/Norm/DEEP), HF Mode (Flat/Vocal Boost), Front LED (On/Off/Limit)
Indicators Power, Signal A, Signal B, Standby, Limit, Mic (24 dB and 36 dB settings)
Connectors Balanced female XLR/’ line/mic level input, Balanced female XLR/’ line level input, Dual Balanced male XLR full range line level out , Balanced male XLR ‘mix’ out, Stereo RCA line level input, Remote gain control, Locking IEC power connector
Cooling On demand, 50 mm variable speed fan
Amplifier Protection Thermal limiting, output overcurrent, overtemperature muting, GuardRail
Transducer Protection Thermal limiting, excursion limiting
AC Power Input Universal power supply 100240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
AC Power Consumption
(1/8 Power) 100 VAC, 2.3 A
120 VAC, 2.01 A
230 VAC, 1.13 A
Material 15 mm painted birch plywood
Finish Black textured paint
Grille Black powder coated 16 gauge steel
Dimensions (HWD) inches 32.1 x 17.5 x 15.2
Dimensions (HWD) mm 816 445 386
Net Weight 64 lb / 29 kg
Available Accessories KW152 cover, KW M10 kit


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