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Samson SR850 Dual Studio Headphones

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Samson SR850 Dual Set are great for use in studio or even for recreational music listening.

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Our Opinion Of the Samson SR850 Studio Reference Headphones:

When the lockdown came I found myself having to shift gears in my business and for me that meant switching from my regular work as a photographer and website designer to becoming an online teacher. I started making videos on how to operate the software I use to create websites. I got a Presonus Audiobox 96 interface and borrowed a dynamic mic to record my voice as I did my demonstrations. 

The audio sounded great when played back though the computer speakers, but in reality it was terribly contaminated with hiss and buzz which anybody listening to the videos through headphones would have switched off immediately. I had no idea what was wrong with my audio because I wasn’t listening to it critically. 

I need a good pair of studio reference headphones. 

So I did some online research and these Samson SR850’s were getting seriously good reviews from some pretty critical reviewers. Nearly every reviewer couldn’t believe that a set this affordable could sound as good as headphones costing 5x the price. So I got some, but what’s really amazing is that you can get a set of 2 pairs of Samson SR850’s  for about the same price as a set of AKG K72’s, which have similar specs and reviews. That’s an unbeatable deal. 

The SR850’s are really lightweight and pretty comfortable to wear for extended periods. Being a semi-open back design they aren’t perfect for constant monitoring while you’re recording voice over because of potential bleed, but for playback and remote monitoring of a sound booth recording they are pretty great. 

Each pair in the double set comes with a screw-in 3.5mm to 6.2mm jack adapter which means that you can use these cans on your mini stereo for general music listening (which they are great for!), or plug them into your 6.2mm interface as monitors. 

Ideal for professional recording and hi-fi monitoring
Transparent response with airy highs and pronounced depth
Over-ear, semi-open-back design
Large 50mm drivers with rare earth magnets
Adjustable headband
10Hz30kHz frequency response
32Ohm impedance
1/4′ adapter included

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